Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Truth About POOP!!!

I don't know about yall, but me, I don't like poop.  I don't like cleaning it and I don't like smelling it.  But, as I am a mother to a 3 month old, I must unfortunately DEAL with it.  Poop is a regular part of my day (will be for quite some time) and me being a cloth diapering mommy makes many people wrongly assume that it takes up much more of my day than it actually does.

Really people, in the three months that I have been cloth diapering my imp I have never......
  • found poop in my washing machine
  • found poop on my clothes from being washed in that very same washing machine 
  • scrubbed a poopy diaper clean by hand
In fact compared to what I have heard from my friends who use disposables, I have had to touch poop far less than any of them.  I have not dealt with an explosion because, even though the truth may hurt some of yall, cloth diapers do a much better job of holding the poop captive than their plastic based counterparts.

Really its all in how the diapers are made.  The majority of cloth diapers, unlike disposables, have elastic in the legs AND waist that makes for a tight seal and therefore no leaks.  Yes their are the occasional leaks, but if you take the necessary precautions when placing the diaper on the child those are few and far between as well.

Okey Dokey than.  Thats enough talk about poop for one day.  I have included a link below from for those who want to look into further differences between cloth and disposables.  You may also simply Google "differences between cloth and disposable diapers" to receive a plethora of information.

Tata for Now!!!!

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