Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Fluffy Introduction!!!!

My Fluff Journey began nearly a year ago when I learned I was expecting my dear one Leona Ree.  You see I am a planner.  I plan months ahead for every and anything.  So of course the arrival of my firstborn produced much planning on my part.  There was the obvious things to plan for: cribs, clothes, and nurseries AND the not so obvious things to plan for: food and diapers.  I quickly decided that I would deal with the crib in a few months time and the nursery then as well.  Clothes I started stocking immediately and food would't be much of an issue until later since I was going to nurse (the benefits are too hard to ignore).  It was when I came to the diapers that problems began.

The prices of disposable diapers astounded me, they were practically over milking the cow.  I immediately began looking for the cheapest quality diapers available.  Unfortunately for disposable diaper sellers everywhere, before I could even get deep into my search for those mythical cheap quality diapers, I ran astray of a picture of a baby in a cloth diaper.  CLOTH DIAPERS.... that was a word I didn't see myself ever associating with yet the picture I saw didn't beckon to me as a cloth diaper.  In fact... it looked more like a fashionable diaper cover.  I mean the thing had designs and buttons and looked oh so fluffy on the little ones rump. Really all I could think was that if this was what a cloth Diaper was then maybe my options weren't so limited.

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