Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Fluff-full Learning Experience!!!!

Following my eye opening to the option of cloth diapering I began researching in earnest.  I would love to say that I found immediate answers in cloth diapering but that would be a total lie. You see cloth diapering for a beginner is SO VERY CONFUSING.  Everywhere I looked I was reading words that made no kind of sense.  I mean, What is and All-in-one?  How about a pre-fold?  Or maybe you might know what a Hybrid is?  These terms threw me for a major loop and it took me a bit a time and whole lot of YouTubing to realize what many of them were.  Well to begin with:
  • Prefold Diaper:   These are the least expensive type of cloth diapers and the ones that most people think of when they think of cloth diapers.  With prefolds you must use either pins or a Snappi to fasten them closed.  They must also be covered by a waterproof cover. 
  • All-in-One:  These are much higher in price than prefolds but they are also much easier to use.  All-in-One's require no covers or pins.  They are exactly what their names states, all in one.  Sewed into one diaper is a outer water proof PUL layer, a stuffer lies within which absorbs, and against the babes skin is usually micro fleece or cotton.  These are pretty much disposables that you don't throw away but  wash and re-use.  
  • Pockets:  Pocket diapers are close in resemblance to All-in-Ones except instead of having a sewed in stuffer there is a pocket in between the sewed together outer water proof layer and inner micro fleece layer.  These pockets can be stuffed with any absorbent material including prefolds and microfiber.  
These are just some of the basics.  For more information I have provided links below to some of the sites that helped me out.

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